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‘Founders Edition’ NFT Collection (2023)

XCLUB 'Founders Edition' NFT Collection

What about Rarity & price?

The price depends on the rarity as well as on the additional benefits the NFT brings with it such as discount for the next mintable NFT collection as well as how many XCLUB tokens can be claimed by the owner.

Here is a list showing all data for each type of NFT:

Can I see them larger?

Sure! Here they are:

xClub coin NFT gold xClub coin NFT rose gold xClub coin NFT green gold xClub coin NFT titanium xClub coin NFT silver xClub coin NFT bronze xClub coin NFT black zirconium xClub coin NFT copper

What are the Benefits of “XCLUB ‘Founders Edition’ NFTs?

1. Amazing Whitelist 
For future mintable collection: Discount (20-100% OFF!) for mint of 1 per NFT holder (according to list #🖼-info ) (must be claimed: #🎟-submit-ticket on Discord)

2. Precious XCLUB Token
‘x amount’ XCLUB Token (for first time buyer only) on xrp cafe (see list: #🖼-info ) (must be claimed: #🎟-submit-ticket on Discord)

3. Special Discord Roles
@VIP WL (1+) & @VIP Whale (8+) (must be claimed, see: #🏅-roles on Discord)

4. Original Art File
High res Print file of the NFT art 5000×5000 pixel (.jpg) (must be claimed: #🎟-submit-ticket on Discord)

5. Exclusive Discord Channel
For #👑-nft-holders-👑 ONLY, chat with the Founders @Scarbo#2667 & @mduncanvm#6636

6. Participate in NFT Giveaways
Certain giveaways are for #👑-nft-holders-👑 ONLY, on Twitter and Discord

7. Poker Advantage
ONLY #👑-nft-holders-👑 can win EXTRA XCLUB Tokens

… who knows, what else is coming?! 

… and of course knowing that you have our full gratitude for your support so that we can continue the work on this project. Spreading the good word about the XRPL, its projects, communities and crypto in general.

How do I get An “XCLUB ‘Founders Edition’ NFT Collection” NFT?

1.Make sure you have XUMM (iOS/Android) installed on your mobile phone.

2.Log in to via a desktop web browser using XUMM

3.You can find the collection here.

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